Want a 2016 Kia Soul Base? Ask These First

When you step into a Fort Bliss, TX Kia dealership with the goal of purchasing a 2016 Kia Soul Base, you might not be sure of what questions to ask the sales staff when they offer to provide you with assistance. Having some planned questions in mind can help your visit to the dealership go more smoothly. Knowing what to ask the dealership’s staff can also help you make sound decisions if you plan to purchase a new or used car.
If you are shopping for a new Kia Soul Base, you will likely notice the sticker prices on the vehicles that are up for sale. While talking with the dealership’s staff, you may want to know about other fees associated with a purchase. These fees might include documentation, credit checks, financing applications, and taxes.

If you would like to purchase a particular model of the Kia Soul with specific features or a certain trim package, ask if that exact vehicle is available at the dealership. If it is not, ask if the dealership is willing to have it shipped from the factory to the Fort Bliss location.

Even when you are buying a new car, you should still ask about its mileage. It is possible for a new car to have been driven hundreds of miles on test drives and for other purposes. You might want to negotiate if the car you want has more than 300 miles logged on the odometer.


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