2016 Kia Forte In El Paso: Sleek On The Outside, Comfortable On The Inside

Comfortable while looking dashing–this is what you can expect from the 2016 Kia Forte. With an exterior that draws attention and an interior that provides comfort, you won’t have to drop a sweat when it comes to arriving in style. This latest model perfectly fits riders who values fashion and comfort the most.

Seamless Design

Expect a lot of attention when you ride a 2016 Forte. Styled in a distinctive manner, its elements are all blended together to achieve a unique Kia Forte look. Its LED Positioning Lights and LED Rear Combination Lamps do a good job in turning the vehicle into an art. Moreover, the Perimeter Approach Lighting and Door Handle Pocket Lights add a bright touch to its overall appeal. They illuminate once they detect your presence, giving you a warm welcome. It’s also convenient as you can make your way into your ride easier when it’s dark.

Cozy Inside

While looking at a 2016 Forte feels good, staying inside feels better. No matter the weather outside, you can be comfortable inside with the Ventilated Driver’s Seat that regulates air circulation to cool you during hot days. On winter days, on the other hand, you can warm up with Heated Seats. Even the steering wheel can be heated to give you comfort while driving. A sunroof is also available to let natural light in.

Pretty and comfortable–what else could you ask for in these departments when you have the 2016 Forte? You can witness its wonders yourself by visiting a Kia dealer in El Paso now.


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