Discover the new 2016 Kia Sedona near Las Cruces, NM

There is no denying that minivans have a bit of a negative stigma associated with them. While these roomy vehicles do have obvious advantages when it comes to hauling cargo or family ferrying, they aren’t exactly known for their style. Even though many would like to enjoy a larger amount of space in their vehicles of choice, no one wants to be lacking when it comes to the aesthetics of their vehicles. Kia has heard the feedback of drivers who want the best of both worlds – and they have delivered! The 2016 Kia Sedona near Las Cruces, NM is an eye-catching and smooth-handling minivan alternative that can be yours for a great price! Here at Viva Kia, we’re dedicated to getting you in a Sedona today!

The Space and Power to Handle Any Task

Whether you need to get the kids to soccer practice, transport some materials for work, or take a long trip, there are multiple occasions where more space proves to be an asset.


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