The 2016 Kia Forte Near Fort Bliss is a Great Investment

They say that big things come in small packages. Many drivers think a bulky vehicle is simply the price one has to pay for a spacious interior. However, if you’re one of the many who thinks this way, you may be in for a surprise. The 2016 Kia Fort near Fort Bliss gives drivers the ability to bring the whole family and plenty of cargo on the road in a sporty, stylish, and agile machine. Kia continues their commitment to fuel economy, maneuverability, and customization with this new entry into the series. Here at our Kia dealership near Fort Bliss, we’re excited to show you exactly what the Forte has to offer.

A Great Investment Tailor Made for You!

The affordable price tag, impressive fuel economy, and 10 year warranty are all enough to make any driver give the Kia Forte serious consideration. But this model offers more than that – a lot more! With numerous options for customization, you can get the ride that’s right for you.


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