The 2016 Kia Sedona from nearby Fort Bliss, TX Dealers: Something for Everyone

Having a larger sized vehicle is great, especially if you have a large family who enjoys going on vacation. One vehicle that is perfect for these types of outings is the 2016 Kia Sedona. This van is luxurious on the inside, and it features a powerful engine that gives you power to work with whether you’re on the highway or in the countryside.

Spacious Interior

One of the more noticeable features of this van is all of the space you can maximize. It can sit up to seven people, making it the perfect vehicle for traveling to far places. The family won’t feel cramped at all because there is a lot of legroom to stretch in. The trunk is also spacious, and the rear seats fold down to make traveling with large cargo easier. When it comes to minivans that are efficient, the new Sedona is hard to beat.

Well-Designed Features

On the interior, there are a lot of excellently designed aspects that make driving this van an incredible experience every time. Front and rear door pockets give you extra room for small miscellaneous items, such as a phone or map. Audio controls on the steering wheel help you easily adjust the volume or change radio stations. Your hands can stay focused on driving, and you get to your destination more efficiently. Plus, a rear-view camera lets you safely back up out of driveways and parking lots. Multi-tasking on the road has never been safer.

In order to see what other neat features this car has to offer, head to a dealership for Kia serving Fort Bliss, TX and test-drive one today. It’s a car that truly has something for everyone.


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