Driving the Dream with the 2016 Kia Sportage in El Paso, Texas

If you enjoy traveling on different terrains, such as dirt and gravel, you need a reliable SUV. That’s what you get with the new 2016 Kia Sportage, which is a dynamic SUV capable of handling a lot. The interior is also comfortable and stylish, making any long journey stress-free and memorable.

Outstanding Performance

A standout feature for this new SUV is the dynamic performance you get. Thanks to a turbocharged engine in the SX trim, you can take advantage of a lot of power. Moving through lanes on the highway is an experience you’ll never forget. Such is an impressive capability that makes it an SUV comparable to its competitor sports cars.

The sporty handling is something you’ll notice right away, whether you are making sharp turns or off-roading for hours. The suspension of this SUV is also great and it provides you with a smooth ride no matter where you travel to.

Noteworthy Features

This modern vehicle also has some commendable add-ons that provide entertainment and comfort. Bucket front seats wrapped in cloth are both stylish and comfortable to sit in for hours. Power-seating makes it easy to find the perfect position for highway driving. One-touch windows are convenient, and the six total speakers give you exceptional sound. You can also plug phones into USB ports inside the SUV, so you never have to worry about your mobile running out of juice while you’re on the go.

All of these features are within your grasp if you buy a Kia Sportage in El Paso, Texas today. Truly, unforgettable rides and more are waiting for you.


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