2016 Kia Rio from a Dealership Serving El Paso: A Stylish and Smooth Ride

The 2016 Kia Rio is not just your ordinary subcompact car. It offers a smooth, steady ride on both busy streets and highways. It can navigate its way through crowded traffic and tight spots with ease. These are not its only accomplishments. From interior amenities to pleasing exterior, the 2016 Rio is not to be ignored.


Even though it’s an affordable entry-level sedan, it does its best to provide premium interior features. On the higher-end models, a hint of class and luxury is present. A 7-inch touchscreen command system adds a modern touch to the interior while leather trim provides comfort and support. There’s also a power sunroof that allows you to let natural air and light in for a more relaxing feel. In terms of cargo space, you have a 60/40-split-folding rear seat that you can utilize. The 5-door, on the other hand, offers a generous space of 50 cubic feet when you fold the seats.


The 2016 Rio is available in 4-door sedan or a 5-door hatchback versions, which both carry an attractive design. The sedan bears resemblance to the Optima, getting inspiration from its stylish approach. The hatchback, on the other hand, is similar to the Sportage crossover SUV. Dual exhaust outlets bring a nice touch to SX models while power-folding side mirrors make the vehicle look more modern and premium.
The way the 2016 Kia Rio is designed lets you get more features and power yet enables you to own an affordable car that happens to be a subcompact. Take it out for a spin at a Kia dealership in El Paso and see for yourself.


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